Chance Shepherd

Mechanical Engineering Student

About Me:


My name is Chance Shepherd and I am a freshman at Iowa State University studying Mechanical Engineering. I am currently searching for internship/co-op opprotunities for Summer 2024.

So far in Iowa I have been participating a lot in Formula SAE EV for Cyclone Racing. Formula EV is a new branch of Cyclone racing that was created last year. After this current school year (2023-2024), Formula at Iowa State is switching from IC (Internal Combustion) powered to EV (Electric Vehicle) racing. I am apart of EV this year in preparation for building our first Formula EV for next year.

I have been working with other members in Formula EV in my subcommitte, PowerTrain. In PowerTrain we have been using cad software such as SolidWorks, to begin the production of a test bench we are going to test by the end of this year. This will give us as a team a good understanding of our components before we begin production of our first Formula Car next year. Outside of Formula, I have been involved with the SolidWorks and CAD club at Iowa State, where I have been developing and refining my CAD skills. Additionally, I have joined American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and have been attending various meetings.

During my time in Formula, I recieved my High Voltage Vehicle Safety Training Certificate provided by Dekra. View here. As well as completing many different safety certificates and trainings, which you can access by clicking this link below by clicking the "Certificates" link.


While Im studying, working out, climbing, or doing just about anything I am listening to music. I play lots of instruments, but most notably piano and bass. At the bottom of the website you can see two of my favorite playlist I listen to on Spotify!

Check out the rest of my website for more information about me, my resume, some projects I have been working on, my youtube channel, and ways to contact me.

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Dobsonian Telescope

Click the picture of the mirror to check out more of my Telescope construction.

Or, click this link below to visit the page.


My Website

In Decemeber of 2022 I decided that I wanted to build my own personal website entirely from the ground up. Alone in my room, I learned how to set up my website through AWS cloud services like Route 53 and S3 Bucket. Since then, I have been watching countless videos and reading articles learning how code in HTML and CSS. Additionally, very recently I have been learning JavaScript, which is what I built the date function on the bottom of my website with. For now, I am continuing to work on the website and make it better each day!

Check Out my Videos:

Recently I have been posting on Youtube various videos of me studying, doing projects, and educational videos. In the future, I am going to begin teaching on youtube for various topics like Calculus. But for now, it is just a display of my work.

Here you can see me coding in MATLAB on a timelapse

Click on the YouTube logo to get a link to my YouTube account. You can also find it in my contacts section of my website below.

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